The metaphor of “Turning Dust to Gold” can be mastered by a few. Commitment Dedication and Passion being the basic ingredients of the recipe. Parekh Textiles Pvt Ltd Traders of Cotton / Cotton Waste has a successful growth history of more than 3 decades and it is because of its:

   Visionary of Shri. Chandrakant M Parekh.

 Highly motivated quality work culture of Shri Premal C Parekh, Mg. Director.

 Meeting of Customer requirements & Periodical review with Buyers N Sellers.

 Testing of Cotton for finding the right quality as per buyers requirements.

 Fully Automated Bale Pressing Machines.

 Committed / Dedicated and experienced and trusted staff work force over the years.

 Own Fleet of Transport / Goods Vehicles for planned and scheduled lifting and deliveries.


I am pleased to welcome you to our website. Parekh Textiles Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as one of the best cotton & cotton waste trading houses in India in the last two decades with over 35 years of experience. I have always had a very distinctive vision for Cotton waste trading. At the beginning of my career, cotton waste trading was an unorganized sector, making it very difficult to standardize specifications and deliver high-quality requirements of the clients. Today, we have been able to standardize quality specifications thus making it possible for us to deliver in large quantities. The company is well known for its national reach and the attitude “Only when we work with the best, can we create the best”. Hence, Parekh Textiles Pvt. Ltd is always keen on using top-end infrastructure and cutting edge technology.

The Company has always seen the quality, customer service & satisfaction as first priority; thus, ensuring rigor, prompt communication and overall development of all in the Parekh Family. Consistent efforts are made for bringing in the refinement in everything that concerns the Company. The Company strives each day to ensure growth and development for all who are directly and indirectly connected to the company. We would like to thank our valued clients and all the members of the Parekh Family, for being a part of our journey to success.

However, since there is always scope for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, your valuable suggestions are solicited.

Premal Chandrakant Parekh
Managing Director
Parekh Group


To be the best trading house in India, by providing quality products and unforgettable customer experiences.


Unflinching passion to provide quality products To have and to provide a holistic growth for all connected to us.